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Your Salt Lake Roofing Midwinter Checklist, Part 2

February 21, 2024

It’s still winter, and that means your roof has to continue to contend with ice and snow. To ensure that your roof can keep your home safe in the face of extreme weather, our team at Patriot Roofing has put together a midwinter roofing checklist for Salt Lake homeowners. Although most of the repair work will have to wait for the spring, keeping an eye on the state of your roof throughout the winter will ensure you are prepared for what’s to come.


Here’s the second part of our midwinter roofing checklist for Salt Lake homeowners to keep an eye on the condition of their roofs.


Examine Insulation

The temperature of your attic affects your roof, so you should inspect the attic insulation. Sufficient insulation helps regulate temperatures, preventing ice dams and reducing the risk of leaks. It also prevents heat from escaping your home, reducing your energy bills.


Seal Gaps and Cracks

Seal any gaps or cracks in your roof, especially around vents, chimneys, and other penetrations. If you can access these areas from the inside, you’ll feel the drafts where the heat is escaping.


Inspect Skylights

If you have skylights, check for leaks and ensure they are properly sealed. Clean any debris or snow accumulation on the skylight surfaces if you can reach them safely. Keeping your skylights clear will also let more light into your home.


Evaluate Roof Structure

The added weight of ice and snow accumulation can put a lot of extra strain on your roof. Inspect the overall structure of your roof to ensure it can handle the added weight. Look for sagging areas or any signs of structural issues. If you notice problems, consult with the pros at Patriot Roofing.


Check for Ice Dams

Monitor for the formation of ice dams along the eaves. Proper insulation, ventilation, and clearing snow from the roof can help prevent them. These icicle formations may look pretty, but they can cause unseen damage to your roof.


Clear Snow Accumulation

Safely remove excessive snow accumulation using a roof rake or hiring professionals. Carefully removing snow helps to prevent the formation of ice dams and removes the extra weight from your roof.


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