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Storm Damage

Utah weather can take a toll on your roof’s ability to perform.  Many homeowners never step foot on their roofs and/or don’t know what to look for if they do.  High winds and hail are a common occurrence in our area and although your roof may look fine from the ground, damage is often inflicted that can severely shorten the life expectancy of your roof.  Patriot Roofing’s trained technicians can evaluate your roof free of charge after a storm and let you know if you have had significant storm related damage, but our technicians are more than just an inspection service.  If damage is found we will help you file your claim with your insurance provider and meet the adjuster on the roof to make sure they are giving you a fair evaluation.  We are your advocate to help make the insurance claim process and subsequent roofing work go as smoothly as possible.  In fact, most policies have code upgrade provisions that can be utilized to actually improve your new roof system and the only cost to you is the deductible amount on your policy.
Overview of storm damage services provided.
  • Free post storm roof evaluations.
  • Identification and marking of any storm related damage found.
  • Additional testing as necessary to determine if current shingles are a discontinued product or brittleness tests to determine if the roof can be repaired or not.
  • Help filing the claim with your insurance provider.
  • In person meeting with the field adjuster to ensure all damage is identified and a complete claim is filed.
  • Review of insurance scope of work to identify any missing items or provisions in the homeowner’s policy.
  • Complete roof repair or replacement services by trained Master Elite certified installers.
  • Identification of any code upgrade items and submittal of any supplements to the insurance provider to cover any additional work required.
  • Pay when paid.  We perform the work and only require payment when you are paid by the insurance provider.

Many insurance providers have a “no later than” date of filing a claim after the storm damage occurred, so don’t wait to take advantage of this service!  Your home is too important to risk further damages from possible leaks originating from a storm damaged roof.  This can be a great opportunity to receive a brand new quality roof for a fraction of the cost of paying for the roof on your own.  Storms are considered an “Act of God” and are not grounds for increasing insurance rates in the state of Utah.