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Green Roofing

If you’re looking for a way to conserve resources while making a solid investment in your home, it may be time to call the number one Salt lake city roofing company – Patriot Roofing and Construction! Our company is always aware and takes measures to keep our ecological footprint small. With this commitment, we’re proud to make a difference by offering our customers green roofing solutions.

Green roofs are an eco-friendly way to use vegetation through carefully planned landscaping that will cover your roof. The waterproof weathering materials remain in place. However, the vegetation is used in place of a traditional finish. While this may seem a modern and unstable system, green roofing has been used for thousands of years across the globe. With benefits ranging from temperature reduction to sound insulation, this is not one roofing system you want to pass up.

What is a green roof made of?
A green roof system is carefully designed to provide various benefits while protecting your home the way a conventional roof would. Available in several varieties, green roofs are generally distinguished as intensive, extensive, and biodiverse – or brown – roofs. All components of each type are similar, containing a layer of protection fleece, a drainage or reservoir layer, filter fleece, growing medium or crushed aggregate, the vegetation and planting, and some variation of hard landscaping.

Intensive green roofs are created by planting shrubs and trees. The process is very detailed, with unlimited potential for design. However, the heavier the vegetation, the more depth is required to support the plant and help it continue to grow. That said, knowing the regular maintenance for the entire life of the roof is a must before committing to this investment. Consistent watering and rooting plant care should never be neglected.

An extensive green roof is somewhat different. These types of roofs are planted for more aesthetic reasons and use vegetation that is easier to maintain. Designers of extensive green roofs often choose succulents, herbs, grasses, and moss to cover the surface. These plants require less upkeep and are therefore more economical. Further, the plants chosen depend on the area of the home as they will need to survive the environment of that particular ecosystem.

The last type of green roof is a brown roof – it’s a biodiverse option used to mimic the ecosystem that once existed but was replaced by areas of development. Brown roofs are often found in cities to create natural habitats for birds and plants.