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Superior roofing companies in Salt Lake City understand that offering their customers a full range of options is a must. At Patriot Roofing & Construction, we are proud to provide the aesthetics of a beautiful roof with energy-saving efficiency. Allowing natural lighting into your home, a skylight is a lovely addition that helps reduce energy costs and save you money while providing the finishing touches to your interior design.

Benefits of Skylight Additions
Patriot Roofing & Construction is proud to offer multiple eco-friendly options in roofing repairs, replacement, and skylight additions. When you install a skylight, you reduce the need for electric lighting. Replacing electricity with daylight will reduce your energy costs and consumption. Further, the addition of a skylight helps cut back on the high demand for unsustainable power through limited resources.

Skylights also help balance the lighting in any room, helping living areas appear more open and spacious. A popular location for many homes is the bathroom. Natural lighting provides both privacy and security while creating an open area with healthy illumination in spaces that tend to be the smallest within the house.
Depending on what product you select, installing a skylight may also provide tax benefits. Thus, you are saving money once again. The roofing professionals at Patriot Roofing & Construction can provide more information on the options available.

Finally, skylights increase property and resale value, especially in populated areas like Salt Lake City, Utah. Whether you plan on selling or staying, an increase in property value is always a desirable result on home projects!

Skylight Options
Once you’ve committed to installing a skylight, the fun begins! Choosing from multiple options, the right choice for your projects depends on the room, the desired amount of natural lighting, and which ones fit your style.

Ventilating skylights are considered to be one of the most popular types used across the world. These skylights provide excellent lighting on par with adding a new window into your room. Instead of a view of your lawn or passing traffic, you will look at a beautiful day and nighttime sky. Further, this skylight provides superior room ventilation. Working well in areas often exposed to moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens, excess water has an escape providing a healthier home environment.

Fixed skylights are an ideal choice for high ceilings and hard to reach areas. Providing dramatic lighting , a fixed skylight is an excellent choice if you seek a beautiful view and good lighting but do not require a lot of ventilation.

Tubular skylights are another option good for ceilings without a lot of height. Tubular skylights provide compact lighting in which sunlight is redirected down a tube-shaped shaft using optical techniques. This skylight is ideal for areas where a traditional skylight can not fit. Still providing excellent lighting, this skylight does not offer ventilation options or the view you may get with other types.