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Roof Replacement

Even the best roofs have an expiration date. As the top roof replacement company in Salt Lake City, Patriot Roofing & Construction is here to help keep your home in tiptop shape with expert advice and superior results you can trust.

While it may seem a daunting task to replace your roof, delaying the project will cost more in the long run. Homeowners need to consider long-term costs when making home improvements, especially in areas that are crucial to the overall integrity of the house, like your roof. But, how do you know when to repair your roof and when it is time to invest in replacement?

Considering the Costs of Roof Repairs
Often, damages that you may think are major, like a hole in the ceiling, are something a professional roofer can quickly fix. With a quick phone call, our experts will schedule a time to come to your home and assess the situation. Diagnosing the source of the problem, we’ll recommend repair services to get your home fixed up quickly.

Sticking with the same example, water in a ceiling is often attributed to a missing shingle or leaky flashing. In these instances, a repair need caught early is the cost-effective solution. However, if the roof is showing signs of aging and constant replacement or fixing of materials is in the future, it may be more sensible to replace the roofing. While attempting quick fixes and patching of areas may seem acceptable, over time, these actions end up being more expensive than what you would have spent replacing the roof.

Cost Benefits of Roof Replacement
When weighing the pros and cons of roof repair versus replacement, be sure to consider the long-term. Replacing a roof provides financial savings that should always be factored into your decision. Below are a few of the many benefits of roof replacement:

A new roof increases property value. Replacing an old, worn roof with a new one increases your property value. Adding to your property value makes it much easier to sell. Buyers appreciate a new roof for the stability and warranty that generally comes along with it.

Investing in a new roof can net you a significant return on investment (ROI). Most home improvement projects provide a small dividend in increased property value. However, a new roof is one of the best investments that you can make. The average ROI of a new roof in Salt Lake City is around 70%. This means should you ever sell your home, you can recoup much of the expense.

The energy efficiency of a new roof can save you thousands of dollars over time. Old and damaged roofs usually have cracks and leaks. Letting out cool air, these damages cause your HVAC system to work harder, raising your electric bill every month. By replacing the roof, the problems are addressed and resolved. Thus, you will likely notice a drop in your bill, to the tune of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your new roof.

The safety and health benefits of a new roof are nothing to sneeze at. Your family’s safety is a top priority, and an old roof can be dangerous and unhealthy. When a leaky roof is left to fester and grow, it can cause damage to the structure of your home. These damages may result in collapsed ceilings or rotting framework. They can also lead to moisture under the roof, creating a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. These elements will eventually spread to air vents, traveling throughout your house, causing potentially severe health issues for those within.

Out with the old, in with the new. Like anything, old roofs get tired. Having done their job, it’s okay to bite the bullet and move on. New technologies make new roofs beneficial in many ways. Lasting longer, crafted from more superior materials, and providing you more options in style and appearance are just a few.

Also, another benefit is upgrading to current code standards.  Building codes change over the years to account for past deficiencies in construction practices.  An upgrade to a proper ventilation system could save you thousands on your cooling bills.
Additionally, many homeowners insurance providers are offering policy discounts for new roofs.  Conversely, we are seeing insurance providers deny or cancel policies for homes with old worn out roofs.