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Roof Inspections

When it comes to keeping up with our homes, it’s easy to focus on the things directly in front of us. The areas we live in every day tend to be the focus and receive most of the upkeep. However, when taking on DIY or other home repairs, we often forget about one of the most critical elements of our house – the roof.

As you may already know, if your roof falls into disrepair, it can be a nightmare to fix. Often, a neglected roof leads to costly problems beyond the top of the house. Sometimes these damages sneak in subtly and don’t show visually like leaks and drafts. Regardless, the damage is done, and instead of facing a mere leak, you now have to correct problems to your home’s framing, ceilings, and possibly air vents and insulation. Because of this, it’s imperative to have a professional team conduct Utah roof inspections regularly.

What happens during a roof inspection?
Professional roof inspections are conducted with the intention of bringing to light any existing problems or discovering ones that may be nearing. Inspections also provide insight into the remaining life expectancy of various parts of the roof. An inspector looks for things like weakened areas. These areas may indicate a leak or rotted wood, lifting or missing shingles, and deteriorating materials.

A basic walkthrough might warn you of damages like leaks in the ceilings, but it will not be able to get you a thorough determination of the roof’s condition. Keep in mind; a total roof replacement can cost a homeowner anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000 for an average roof, making a proactive roof inspection well worth the cost.

If you are buying a house, you may have to pay the small inspection fee upfront, but you can talk to your real estate agent to see about getting those costs factored into the overall price of the home.

Common Roof Problems Discovered by Inspections

I would like to note one common item we find is storm damage.  We often find signs of damage from past storms that can be covered by your homeowners insurance.  We are able to represent your interests with your insurance adjuster and insure they are recording all damage found.  This often leads to a new roof roof replacement paid for by the insurance carrier.  Many insurance companies place time limits on how long you have to file a claim after a recorded storm, so inspections are a great tool to insure you aren’t left holding the bill for a roof damaged by adverse weather events.

Utah roof inspections more than pay for themselves by catching minor issues before they become big headaches. An experienced roof inspector will spot telltale signs that are not obvious to the average, untrained eye. Similarly, it’s not unusual for an inspector to find elements beginning to weather and show disrepair. Below are other common areas that a roof inspection may discover:

• Split or curling shingles
• Broken or missing roofing materials
• Parts of shingles clogging rain gutters
• Loose or corroded flashing
• Rusty metal
• Sagging in the rafter areas
• Improper roof ventilation
• Clogged drains or depressions causing standing water to pool

These problems may be simple and inexpensive to fix if you catch them early enough. Neglecting them, though, can become a costly nightmare.

What Patriot Roofing Offers
When you choose to work with Patriot Roofing and Construction experts, you get more than a professional inspection. Our team works hard to give you a thorough evaluation of the roof’s surface to find broken, damaged, missing shingles, or other surface problems. Our knowledgeable inspectors will work with you to track the issues to the source and figure out a cost-effective solution.

In addition to a surface evaluation, our inspectors provide an inspection of the sub-surface integrity of your roof. Using extensive knowledge and training, finding problems below the surface that are not easily detected is what we do best. Furthermore, our team also assesses the ventilation, insulation, and condensation or moisture levels.