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Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance is an essential part of owning and maintaining your home. Just like keeping up with your air filters and mowing your yard, maintenance provides health benefits as well as aesthetics. Luckily, checking out your roof and removing the debris does not have to be done as often, but it is just as important, if not more so.

Many factors can cause damage to a roof silently. For example, shoddy workmanship under the surface often creates significant problems down the road. Faulty materials, weathering, and standing moisture that can’t evaporate quickly enough can all become sources of costly problems to your roof as well.

When you perform regular maintenance on your roof, many of these problems are caught early, avoiding the headache of having to replace or undergo expensive repairs, as well as save you money in other areas. For example, leaks entering the insulation caused by open cracks allow air and heat out, resulting in higher heating and cooling expenses. By maintaining your roof, the sources of the cracks and leaks are located and addressed, allowing your monthly bill to remain in check and consistent.

Most importantly, though, regular maintenance of your roof is vital for your family’s safety. When there are weather changes, the materials on the roof can be ruined. Heavy storms with significant rainfall can destroy roofs, tear off shingles, and cause structural damage. These problems need fast solutions to avoid potential water entry that could lead to mold and mildew growth.

Utah, Mother Nature, and Your Roof
Living in a region with extreme weather conditions like Salt Lake City, your roof is often put to the test throughout the year. Many materials freeze in the winter then thaw. The freeze-thaw cycle often leads to rot, shrinkage and expansion, cracks, and breaks without your knowledge. However, by performing regular maintenance, you’ll have an early start when things are about to start going wrong.

Poorly designed roofs are not equipped to carry the weight of nature’s elements. Heavy snow, piled-up leaves, and other debris can quickly devastate the roof’s structural integrity. Drains can clog from debris piles and keep water puddling up, eventually causing it to warp or rot the materials, working its way through the ceiling.

Providing your roof the care it requires helps keep it protected from damage while extending the lifespan. In addition to eliminating costly concerns, maintenance also keeps your home looking its best! Houses with neglected roofs are on par with unkempt lawns and porches in disrepair –detracting from the overall aesthetics and reducing the property value.