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Fall Roof Repair: Protecting Your Home Before the Winter

September 21, 2023

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, it’s a sure sign that fall is upon us. While many people associate this season with cozy pastimes and cozier sweaters, homeowners should also be thinking about fall roof repair and maintenance. At Patriot Roofing, we understand the importance of preparing your roof for the upcoming winter months.


Here are some essential tips and roof repair services we offer to safeguard your home before winter arrives.


Shingle Inspection and Repair

Your roof’s shingles are its first line of defense against the elements. Damaged, cracked, or missing shingles can compromise your roof’s integrity and lead to leaks. Our skilled roofers will meticulously inspect your shingles and replace any that show signs of wear and tear. With Patriot Roofing, you can count on a durable and weather-resistant roof.


Flashing and Ventilation Maintenance

Proper sealing around roof penetrations like vents, pipes, and chimneys is essential to prevent water intrusion. Our team will inspect and secure flashing to ensure a watertight seal. We’ll also assess your attic ventilation to prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to mold and rot.


Skylight Care

Skylights can enhance your home’s natural lighting and aesthetics, but they need attention too. Patriot Roofing can clean your skylights, check for cracks, and ensure they are well-sealed to prevent leaks.


Animal Entry Point Prevention

Pests and critters seeking shelter in the colder months can damage your roof and invade your home. We’ll inspect your roof for any potential entry points and seal them, protecting your attic from unwanted guests.


Roof Debris Removal

Leaves, branches, and debris can accumulate on your roof, leading to trapped moisture and damage. Patriot Roofing’s team will remove all debris from your roof’s surface, preventing potential water issues.

roof repair near me

Fall Roof Repair from Patriot Roofing

At Patriot Roofing, we take pride in helping homeowners prepare their roofs for the fall and winter seasons. With our expertise and commitment to quality, you can trust us to keep your home safe and protected.


Contact us today to schedule your fall roof repair and maintenance and ensure a worry-free winter ahead. Your roof, your home, and your peace of mind are in capable hands with Patriot Roofing.