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Protect Your Roof After a Storm

July 1, 2022

Severe weather in Utah can cause serious damage to your roof. After a big storm, most homeowners don’t think about getting up on their roof to check on it. And even if they did think of it, they wouldn’t know what to look for. That’s why after a storm Salt Lake roofing contractors like Patriot Roofing are out checking roofs for damage. Hail and high winds are common occurrences during storms. After a storm, you’ll want to check for damage caused by wind and hail, as well as water damage.

These are the signs of damage that Salt Lake roofing contractors look for after a storm.



After a big storm, the first thing you should do is look for loose or missing shingles. This is damage that you can often see from the ground. Look around your property for shingles that have blown off. Shingles dislodged by wind leave the waterproofing material, underlayment, and roof deck exposed. High winds and sharp gusts of wind can also lift or curl shingles. That can break the water-tight seal and cause leaks. Wind also carries debris and it can land on your roof. Even if that debris does not cause immediate damage, you want to clear it off before it causes problems later.



Hailstorms don’t usually last longer than 15 minutes, but they can cause some serious damage in that short amount of time. Larger stones can dent your shingles and knock the granules loose. Dented shingles can crack and losing granules can expose your roof to sun damage. Damage from hail seems mostly aesthetic at first, but it can cause more serious issues later on.



While you can usually see damage from wind and hail right away, water damage can take longer to show its effects. After a big storm, you should check if your gutters overflowed or if there are any areas of standing water on your roof. Clogged gutters can let rainwater under your shingles, instead of draining away. If you can get into your attic or crawl space, look for leaks and wet spots.


Contact Salt Lake Roofing Contractors After a Storm

After a major storm, you should get in touch with Salt Lake roofing contractors. You can see significant damage from the ground, but it’s best to have a professional roof inspector check on everything. Climbing up on your roof is dangerous, so you should have the pros at Patriot Roofing do it for you.


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