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Ice Dams? We Offer Roof Snow Removal Service Too!

December 1, 2021

As one of the premier companies for roof repair in Salt Lake City, our team at Patriot Roofing understands the importance of the customer experience. By providing the ultimate, full-service roofing experience, we create long-lasting relationships. That said, we also believe that educating our customers is a crucial part of the equation. Understanding the basics of your roof and how to care for it is essential to performance and longevity properly.

Here, we look at roof snow removal and why the task is more important than many people think.


With snow comes ice dams.

In Utah, one thing is for sure. There will be snow. Although some homes are equipped with sloping roofs that allow snow to slide off naturally, others are not. Thus, snow buildup generally occurs. Once the sun warms the snow enough to melt, water drips to the edge. However, cold air and any remaining snow may block the water from dripping off the edge of the roof. If this blockage occurs, the water pools and refreezes, resulting in an ice dam.


What’s the big deal about ice dams?

If a ridge of ice forms along the edge of your roof, water is prevented from draining. However, the water still needs to go somewhere. Over time, the water backs up and eventually begins leaking through the roof and into your home. Whether the leakage occurs through cracked flashing or broken shingles, you may face costly repairs in the warmer seasons if left unaddressed.


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Doesn’t homeowner insurance cover ice damage?

While most homeowners’ policies cover some extent of ice and water damage, not all do. Besides, sometimes receiving the money you need to make the repairs can be a long process even when covered. It’s always best to contact your provider and inquire about your coverage options.


Take care of your roof repair needs before the winter settles in.

If you have a roof prone to snow accumulation, staying ahead of the game is crucial. By contacting Patriot Roofing today, you can have peace of mind that your home is prepared for the upcoming winter months. And, remember, snow removal is generally another critical component of the season!


This winter, stay ahead of the game and contact the professionals at Patriot Roofing today! Providing roof repair to Salt Lake City, our team will assess and recommend anything your property needs before winter settles in. Give us a call today at (801) 937-9602 to learn more.