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How Utah Roofing Companies Tackle Storm Damage

August 18, 2023

We can experience some pretty extreme weather conditions here in Utah, and you want to know that your roof is okay after a storm. But if it isn’t, you also want to know that you can have it repaired to protect your home and family. Utah roofing companies have a lot of work to do after a storm, but we’re always careful at Patriot Roofing to ensure that all our customers get our best work, even when the demand is high.


Let us show you what steps Utah roofing companies take to tackle storm damage to your roof.


Step 1: Evaluate the Damage and Determine Necessary Repairs

The first thing we do after the storm has passed is assess the damage to your roof. We’ll look for areas that could pose an immediate danger to your home or your family. We’ll also look for less severe damage and give you our list of necessary and recommended repairs. Part of that assessment is determining if your shingles are still available and straightforward to replace or if they have been discontinued. You will need all of this information when you file a claim with your insurance provider.


Step 2: File a Claim with Your Insurance Provider

Although you will have to file the claim yourself, we will do everything we can to help you. Your insurance provider will send a field adjuster to make their own assessment of the damage. We can be there to meet with the field adjuster to ensure that they don’t miss any damage that your insurance will cover. Once the field adjuster has issued the scope of work, we’ll review it to check that nothing is missing.


Step 3: Complete the Repair or Replacement Services

Once the assessments and meetings with the insurance adjuster are finished, we can finally get started on the repairs. If we encounter any surprises or the need arises for additional repairs throughout the course of our work, we’ll help you file a supplemental claim with your insurance provider. Don’t worry if your insurance provider drags their feet about paying out on your claim. We’ll do the work and only request payment once your insurance provider has paid you.


You need Utah roofing companies that you can trust when you need repairs. Contact Patriot Roofing to work with a roofing company that shares your values!