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Salt Lake Roofing: Issues to Watch for This Summer

May 21, 2023

When we think about season roof maintenance, we’re usually referring to winter. But summer weather can lead to issues with your roof as well. When it comes to Salt Lake roofing, there isn’t really an off-season, so we’re ready to tackle your roofing problems year-round at Patriot Roofing. Whether it’s damage caused by a summer storm or problems from the winter that you’re just noticing now, we’re here to help protect your home and family.


Here are some common roofing problems that can occur in the summertime.


Water Damage

Rainstorms can be pretty severe in the summer, which can cause all types of water damage. Leaks are the most common, and they usually spring because of unnoticed or unaddressed damage, such as loose or missing shingles.

Heavy rain can also leave stagnant water on your roof. These puddles lead to decay, leaks, and other water damage. They also create the ideal conditions for moss and algae growth. These growths damage your shingles and underlayment, so you should remove them as soon as possible.


Debris Accumulation

We usually think of fall as the time that debris falls onto your roof. But leaves, branches, and other debris can end up on your roof in the summertime, too. After storms with high winds or heavy rain, plenty of debris can accumulate on your roof. This can clog your gutters, which causes water to back up and damage your roof.


Excessive Heat

Summer is marked by heat, and that can cause issues for your roof as well. UV rays from the sun break down shingles over time, causing them to crack or warp. Poor ventilation can also make your roof to overheat. Overheating can cause the same damage to your shingles as UV exposure and also damage your roof’s underlayment. There’s not much you can do about exposure to UV rays—you can’t turn down the sun—but you can check that your roof has adequate ventilation before the really hot weather hits.


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