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Replacing Your Roof Can Help Your Home (And Save You Money, Too!)

May 15, 2021

Your roof is probably one of the most important parts of your home. Many people don’t realize that until there are problems, though, and by then the damage created to your house can be very expensive to fix.

Roof problems don’t just happen because of bad weather. Time, weathering, animals, and just regular wear and tear can eat away at parts of your roof before you know it. Shingles may be pulling up and exposing the underside to damage that you may not see, or there may be holes and cracks causing further issues.

Often, you don’t notice it until there is a lot of rain or other inclement weather, so you think that’s what caused it. In reality, the damage was already there and had been for a long time.

If your roof is old or in need of repair, it may be cheaper and more cost-effective to simply replace it. Besides the benefit of making your home more aesthetically pleasing, roof replacements add value to your home and can even save you money.

Replacing your roof needs to be a carefully thought out project. If it’s done right, it can give you many advantages over your current roof, such as improved safety and reduced energy bills, and put a little extra money in your pocket down the road each month.


Replacing Your Roof – Safety First

The stability of your roof is crucial to the safety of the rest of your house. If there is hidden damage, it could erode away at the underlying structure and cause it to collapse, or create other problems that begin as minor and end up as major issues.

Some of the main causes of roof damage are large tree limbs that break off and land on the roof. They could be snapped off by wind or heavy snow, or simply diseased. Keeping them trimmed and away from the roof edge and electrical lines can prevent this damage from occurring.

Leaves and needles can also pile up and fall on your roof. While these don’t cause direct damage, they do pile up and collect moisture. This moisture can cause breakdown of asphalt shingles and it can get into cracks in your roof.

Heavy precipitation like wind, hail, and ice are large threats to your roof. Wind can cause shingles to lift, exposing the underlayers to moisture. Hail can cause damage to your shingles on impact. Ice can form on the edge of the roof, build up and get heavy, and cause damage.

Severe weather or unexpected events can roof damage to happen quickly and dangerously. Other slow build-up of moisture in the cracks can result in slow erosion or breakdown of the walls and underlying parts of the house.

Gradual damage that occurs because of minor roof issues can turn into major repairs and headaches. Problems like a little leak causing excess moisture to enter slowly can turn into mold and mildew growing inside. This can become a serious health issue.

Mold can cause minor symptoms like nasal stuffiness, coughing, eye irritation, and wheezing, or it can result in more severe long-term reactions.

When you consider the pricelessness of your family’s health and safety, a roof becomes a solid investment in your home.


Short-Term Investment, Long-Term Savings

When you are trying to determine the next renovation to your home, it can seem overwhelming. However, there are not many home repairs that actually can save you money in the long run. Replacing your roof does exactly that.

Your monthly utility bills can increase or decrease based on how well your home is sealed. Cracks in the roof and holes that you don’t see let moisture in, but at the same time they also let your cold air and heat out. When you replace the roof, it reseals the shell on the exterior of your home and saves you the costs incurred when you were heating and cooling the neighborhood.

Your roof is your primary base of insulation in your home, so choosing the right one can make your house energy efficient. Adding extra layers of fiberglass and foam spray insulation can also help keep hot air out and cold air in during the hot months, and cold air out and warm air in during the cold months.

All of these extra ways to seal and insulate your home help to reduce your utility bills and save you money. These savings, compounded over time, help you to more than pay for the cost of the roof replacement.

Investing in Your Roof Creates an Increased Home Resale Value

Not too many big investments actually pay for themselves, but a new roof will give you a return on your expense every time. Not only does it pay for itself through the decreased utility bills you will start seeing every month, but it can increase your home’s resale value exponentially.

A new roof offers a lot of appeal to potential buyers because most new roofs bring the added allure of a warranty with them. These warranties tell the buyer that even if there are problems down the road, they will be covered.

Some warranties offer up to 20 years of free repair, while others may even give lifetime transferable warranties that stay with the house regardless of the owner. The type of warranty you get may depend on the kind of roof you purchase and the company you hire to install your new roof.

Many potential buyers who see a home with an old roof will not look any closer, regardless of the charm and features that your house has. An old roof or a roof in disrepair equates to problems, and most buyers will avoid houses with these types of roofs.

Contrarily, a new roof is inviting and pleasing to possible buyers. Surveys of new buyers often report that a new roof is one of the first things they claim attracts them to a home for sale.

When you are considering your budget for a roof replacement, look into the numbers for the type of roof you are considering. Remodeling Magazine reports that, according to date collected as of 2016, replacing your roof can add an average resale value of approximately $14,000. This resale increase helps you recover about 68.8% of your installation costs.

In fact, when it comes down to ROI for your home renovations, roof replacements come out ahead on cost versus value every time.


New Roofs Look Better

Even if you are not trying to sell your house, it’s nice to have a home that has curb appeal. You want to feel good when you pull up in your driveway and see your house. Modern roofs give you that opportunity in abundance with the innovative options on the market today.

The majority of roofs are made out of asphalt shingles. This material is the most common one used for roofs in the United States because they are cheap and can be installed by non-professionals. Although they come in many colors, they have a shorter lifespan than other roof materials and do not provide much in the way of insulation.

Clay and concrete tiles are used with a more Mediterranean, Southwestern and Spanish style home to add texture. These types of tiles are heavy and often expensive, but they are long-lasting.

Another type of modern roof that is gaining in popularity is the metal roof. This type of roof has become known for its durability, lasting longer than asphalt and wood roofs. It tends to be one of the more expensive roofs, but can last from 40 to 75 years. Metal roofs are versatile and can be used on just about any home type, and they are lightweight and recyclable.

For homeowners looking for elegance and beauty with multiple color options, slate may be the way to go. It is durable and fire-resistant, but expensive and heavy. Although it is pricier than other options, it can last from 50 to 100 years.

Most of these roof styles, with the exception of asphalt, are recommended to be installed by professionals.

With so many options to choose from, it is easy to replace your roof with something that is aesthetically pleasing to you.


The Best Home Investment You Can Make

Between the peace of mind that a roof replacement gives to you and your family and the energy efficiency you will notice in your utility bills every month, you can be sure that the investment will be a good one.

You have your choice of roof types, but be sure to shop around and make sure you are making the right choice for your needs as well. Hiring a professional will ensure that you have a warranty and your new roof is correctly installed, taking the guesswork and stress out of the project.

With the right materials, warranty, and style, your new roof will be an investment you will reap the benefits from and appreciate for decades to come.


If you are considering replacing your roof in either the Salt Lake City or Draper, Utah areas, please contact us to see how we can help you!