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Install Your Skylights With Patriot Roofing!

May 1, 2022

If you’re looking to brighten your home using skylights, Patriot Roofing can help! We offer roofing solutions that include green roofing, roof inspections, maintenance, and more. Sky lights are an optimal choice for those looking to add natural lighting that saves on energy. Here are a few styles to consider when installing your skylights with Patriot Roofing.

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Tubular Skylights

For those looking for direct sunlight from above, tubular skylights are a great option! Also known as sun tunnels, these skylights provide natural lighting in otherwise narrow and dark areas, e.g., stairwells, hallways, and cupboards. They are perfect for pitched or flat roofs. Two styles Include: 

Rigid Tubing: While typically more expensive, this type of tubing gives a better light transmittance from roof to ceiling.

Flexi Tubing: The less expensive option, Flexi tubing is the perfect option for shorter distances between roof and ceiling, e.g., flat roofs. 

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Ventilation Skylights

If you want to add a skylight in your bathroom or kitchen, ventilation skylights are an excellent choice. These skylights provide light and ventilation for any space, and this is a huge plus for areas that deal with excess humidity and moisture. Ventilation skylights are traditional in size and usually work best when installed on a pitched roof. 

Did you know? Ventilation Skylights actively lower energy bills in the summer by letting hot air escape naturally. Use the “chimney effect”: Open your skylight and a window on the first floor to actively push any humid or stale air out through the skylight. 

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Fixed Skylights

Fixed skylights are just that: fixed. They may not open, but they are still just as lucrative for providing natural light to any area where ventilation is not needed. These skylights are easy to install, water-tight, and budget-friendly. 

Let Patriot Roofing Work For You!

As a disabled veteran-owned company, owner Eric Pauly takes great pride in the services provided by Patriot Roofing and Construction. Our company provides the highest quality roof replacement in the Salt Lake City region.

Ready to install your skylights? No matter the size of the project or budget, we have the solution for your home and roof. Contact us to get started!