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Green Roof Replacement in Salt Lake City

June 1, 2022

Do you need a roof replacement in Salt Lake City? There are plenty of different roofing materials that can benefit your home, and this month, we’re talking about green roofing from Patriot Roofing! Enviro-friendly options are steadily increasing in the housing industry. If you’re looking to add a beautiful addition to your home while helping the environment, a green roof may be for you! Here are a few reasons we recommend a green roof for your business or home. 

What Is A Green Roof?  

A green roof is like any other roof in that it protects your home from the elements while providing a sturdy shelter. However, your home can go a step further with a green roof. Green roofing is made with components like fleece, filter fleece, a growing medium or crushed aggregate, and vegetation. This type of roofing provides a rainwater buffer and regulates indoor temperature, reducing ambient temperature and encouraging biodiversity in the surrounding area. 

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The Benefits Of A Green Roof

There are many benefits to replacing your roof with a green roof, including: 


  1. Rainwater Buffer: A green roof can provide an extremely durable rainwater buffer! The roofing materials absorb water by buffering it into plants, substrate, and drainage. As a result, rain water runoff from a green roof is filtered, and this helps sewage systems and groundwater! 
  2. Air Purifier: Not only does green roofing filter water runoff, it also purifies the air! Thanks to the plants on a green roof, CO2 is converted into O2!
  3. Reduction of Ambient Temperature: While helping to purify the air and filter the water, plants also create a cooler climate! This is thanks to the plants’ ability to absorb sunlight, 50% to be exact! It also can reflect up to 30% of the sun’s rays, which cools the building and surrounding area. 
  4. Increased Value: Overall, adding a green roof to your home can protect it from wear and tear due to rain and sunlight. This can add up to 60 years of life to your home’s roof. With this benefit and the addition of an eco-friendly roof, your home can increase in value

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