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7 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Roof Inspector

September 29, 2021

When storm season hits, it brings with it all sorts of dangerous weather – high-speed winds, lightning strikes, hard-hitting hail, and torrential rain. All of these effects and more can have an extremely damaging impact on your roof, no matter how new it is or how durable it was promoted to be.

Like the weather that causes it, storm damage comes in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and locations. Just because you may not see leaks in your ceiling or shingles in your yard does not mean you did not sustain any damage from the last storm that hit.

Many times, roof damage starts out as minor, or even hidden, issues that are difficult to detect unless you know what you are looking for. These minor damages can quickly escalate into big problems with large expenses if you are not careful.

Why take a chance? If you have recently had a big storm, or you live in an area where severe weather is pretty regular, you should definitely hire an expert to do a professional inspection to ensure there is nothing going on under (or on) the surface of your roof.

Professional inspectors can save you money on repairs, but there are also many other benefits you as a homeowner can receive that you may not have been aware of.

Saving money is important, which is why many people prefer to do things themselves whenever possible. But sometimes the money you spend can actually save you a lot more in the long run, and that is definitely true when it comes to roof maintenance.

Your roof is one of the most expensive, but most important, investments that you can make in your home, so it is important to keep up with it. A professional roof inspector can take away the stress of a DIY job that you are not 100% confident in.

1. Safety first – Do you really want to climb that ladder?

Many types of storm damage can’t be seen from the ground, so you will have to climb up on your roof to check for it. This can be dangerous, and there are many accidents and deaths each year from someone falling off a ladder while they were trying to access their roof.

Instead of doing this yourself, find an expert who will take the risk for you and is trained in proper safety techniques. It’s not just getting up there – you have to walk the entire roof to carefully check for damage, and make it down safely, too. Your health is important – hire a professional (you can consider them to be your stunt double, if it makes you feel better!).


2. Professionals know the hidden signs of damage.

After a storm, there are many things you have to watch for that can create moderate to severe damage. These types of signs can easily be overlooked.

Professionals will look for warning signs of damage such as small leaks, the beginning of shingle problems, drain and gutter clogging or damage, fascia problems, hidden structural damage (or obvious concerns), and moisture that may lead to mold or mildew growth, as well as many other potential problem areas.


3. Your roofing company can help you deal with your insurance company.

If there is damage due to a storm, your homeowner’s or rental insurance may be able to help you pay for repairs. However, the paperwork that is required can be demanding and overwhelming, and if you do not do it right, it can cost you benefits that you were entitled to.

When you hire a professional roof inspector, you not only are saving the required step of having a professional assessment anyway, but you also have someone to help you through the insurance claim process.

Your roofing company will provide a detailed estimate and report explaining what was damaged and what it will take to repair it, which will help you when you file your claim.


4. Tree limb damage can be avoided.

One of the most common causes of damage to a roof is caused by tree limbs that fall unexpectedly during or after a storm. The impact can create an immediate problem or it can cause a minor crack that slowly spreads and causes major damage.

A professional roof inspector does not just inspect your roof – he or she will monitor the surrounding area for potential problems waiting to happen and can advise you on how to handle them.


5. A reputable roofing company gives you peace of mind that your money is being spent on what you allocated it for.

After major storms, there are often disreputable people out there who will come to your house and tell you that they can see storm damage. You should always be wary of these kinds of people.

A professional roofing company will have a permanent place of business, have a license and insurance, pull their own permits, and provide you with a written contract.

Without these important criteria, you should never even let someone look at your roof. Sadly, some of these unprofessional people have been known to create damage where there was none before just to get work. Other times, they ask for money upfront and then disappear without ever doing any work.

To avoid this worry, find a professional roofing company. If you are in the vicinity of Draper, UT, Patriot Roofing & Construction is ready to help you assess your storm damage and reputably and expertly fix your problems.


6. Potential homeowners should always have a roof inspection prior to purchasing a house.

If you are in the market to buy a house, you need to know a few things about home inspections.

The first thing is that, in most states, there is no licensing process or certification to be a home inspector. There are organizations that inspectors may belong to that require higher expectations and competencies from members who wish to stay a part of their group, but otherwise, there are not many stipulations for home inspectors.

The second thing to note is that just because the seller has obtained a home inspection does not mean you should believe everything on the report. The seller and realtor have a vested interest in the outcome of the report, so their inspector may not be independent. If so, he or she is likely to err on the side of the seller rather than the buyer, or you, in this case.

Instead, you should find an independent roofing company to inspect the home’s roof before you sign on the dotted line and complete the purchase. This is also a great way to have a roofer who knows what your problems may be and can help you fix them quickly if you decide to buy the home anyway, as is.


7. Your roof’s repairs will most likely have a guarantee in the event of problems later.

If you inspect your roof and find problems that you fix yourself, it may be cheaper right now. However, if those repairs did not actually fix the problem, or the issues ran deeper than you realized, you are probably going to have to hire a professional anyway.

When most professionals come out to do repairs, they have at least a minimum guarantee on their work. If something goes wrong that they had promised to fix, you can call them and they should come out and take care of the problem.

Read your contract over carefully before signing and check to make sure that whoever you decide to have inspect and fix your roof is confident enough in their work that they are willing to guarantee it.


A Professional Roof Inspection: The Cost That Pays for Itself

Taking the time to have your roof inspected annually at a minimum and always after a major storm can be a smart gesture that will save you stress, time, and money later. When a professional roof inspector finds minor problems before they turn into major headaches, your inspection fee will pay for itself exponentially.

Getting a professional inspection after a storm is definitely a good idea, but there is a lot to be said for being proactive, too. If you know a big storm is headed your way, it is quite probable that you are not the only one considering how your roof is going to handle the weather, and you will most likely not be the only one with damage after it.

The smartest option is to have your roof regularly inspected every year. If a storm is coming, have your roof checked prior to when the inclement weather is going to hit to try to limit damage before it is done.


When you are ready for your home’s roof inspection, call us here at Patriot Roofing & Construction. We are prepared to courteously and professionally help you answer any roofing questions or concerns that you have, and when you work with us you know you will get excellent quality, service, and value!